Modified Sanchez-Lacombe Equation of State

The Modified Sanchez-Lacombe Equation is described in the following two references.

Koak, Naveen; Heidemann, Robert A. Polymer-Solvent Phase Behavior near the Solvent Vapor Pressure. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 1996, 35, 4301-4309.

Krenz, Ryan A. Correlating the Fluid Phase Behavior of Polydisperse Polyethylene Solutions using the Modified Sanchez-Lacombe Equation of State. Ph. D. Thesis. University of Calgary.2005.

Parameters determined in TDE are:

critical temperature: Tc
critical pressure: pc
acentric factor: w
volume translation term: vt

Equation parameters are available in several formats from TDE: Equation Parameters in TDE