Model Fitting Control Center: Model Configuration Form

The sections of this form allow customization of the model fitting process.

Gas Phase Model: The pull-down menu allows selection of the gas-phase model. (Model Options)

Force Symmetry: Selection of this check box forces use of the symmetric form of the activity coefficient model. The symmetric form is often chosen when experimental data are available for only one extreme of the composition range. In those cases, a reduced number of parameters is varied. Details of the symmetric form is included in the description for each Activity Coefficient Model.

Temperature dependence of parameters: The user can specify the algebraic form for representation by checking the appropriate boxes, or can allow the TDE algorithm to make a selection by clicking Auto. (Selection of Auto clears the check boxes. The temperature dependence representation is selected during fitting by the program.) The full mathematical form of the equation is given here: T-Series for Parameters.

Temperature restriction (range): The user can specify the temperature range of data to be considered. The range of available data is given in the sub-section heading, and range of the restriction must be within the given limits. If "soft restriction" is checked, data outside of the restricted range are considered, but with reduced weight.

Pressure restriction (range): This is analogous to temperature restriction.

LLE data weighting: The relative weighting of LLE can be increased or decrease. Selection of Increased or Decreased is equivalent to weighting factors of 100 and 0.01, respectively.