Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am only interested in results for a single property under certain temperature and pressure conditions. How do I get the results that I want?

TDE is designed to enforce thermodynamic consistency, and therefore, always evaluates all of the properties together. You must first complete a TDE evaluation (highlighted in yellow at the link). After evaluation, results for individual properties can be accessed through the Evaluated Data nodes of the Navigation Tree. It is also possible to apply an Equation of State (EOS) and explore properties calculated with the EOS after the initial evaluation.

2. There are some experimental data available for a listed property, but TDE does not produce any evaluated results. Why does this happen?

In a few cases, TDE will not provide evaluated data for a specific property even though some experimental data exist for that property. This can occur when a fitted equation is detected to have an invalid shape (i.e., erroneous temperature or pressure dependence).