Activity Coefficient Models: Ternary Mixtures

Note 1: Models for ternary systems are based solely on the combined results for the binary sub-systems. Specific formulations are described in the book by Novak, Matous , and Pick, Liquid-liquid equilibria, which is Volume 4 of the series Studies in Modern Thermodynamics published by Elsevier in 1987 (See ref 31).

Note 2: The same model must be used for all binary sub-systems in order to calculate the properties of the ternary.

Note 3: Only vapor-liquid equilibrium (VLE) and liquid-liquid equilibrium (LLE) are considered.

Models Without Fitted Parameters: Group-Contribution Methods

Models With Fitted Parameters

Models can be selected for use through the Mixture Menu on the Main Screen.

A single common representation is used for the temperature dependence of the model parameters ai :
ai = A + B/T + C×ln(T) +D×T + E/T2 (Equation Details)