Steps in the Ternary Mixture Evaluation Process

Click here for a list of properties that may be evaluated: Properties

Note: It may not be possible to evaluate all properties for some chemical systems.


Review/Edit experimental data (Optional)

Add user data (Optional)

Select Model for Component Binaries from the Mixture Menu:

EVALUATE: Data fitting and consistency enforcement by TDE

Note 1: All evaluated properties for ternary mixtures are derived from those for the pure components and their binary mixtures.
Note 2: In a few cases, TDE will not provide evaluated data for a property even though some experimental data exist. This can occur when a fitted equation is detected to have an invalid shape (i.e., erroneous variable dependence).

Review graphs of evaluated property values (Optional)

Note: The experimental data for the ternary systems are not included in any fitting process. Experimental data for ternary properties can be compared with those derived by TDE from the evaluated pure-component and binary property data.

Review/Request tables of evaluated property values (Optional)

SAVE experimental and evaluated data (Optional)

APPLY another or modify Activity Coefficient Model(s) (Optional)

Review graphs of evaluated property values (Optional)

Review/Request tables of evaluated property values(Optional)

SAVE model parameters and evaluated data (Optional)

You may Edit or Add experimental data and repeat the evaluation steps as needed.