Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium (LLE) Data Summary View (Binaries)

Purposes & Features:

Summarize LLE Data in one table: Binary LLE data are reported as simple solubility or mutual solubility data (PTx1' or PTx1'x1''). Both LLE data types are shown in a single table accessed through this node (See Below). When represented as separate thermodynamic properties, P, T, x1', and x1'') might be used to represent the property. Mutual solubility data are represented as two data sets in TDE, as dictated by the Gibbs Phase Rule. The extent of each type of LLE data can be readily assessed.

Identify Mutual Solubility data sets: Mutual Solubility data are highlighted in the table for easy identification (See Below).

Special Data Selection/Rejection Options: Most options are the same as those for VLE (VLE Data Selection/Rejection Options). Right click any data point number to see the available options. Mutual Solubility data can be selected exclusively, if desired. All selection/rejection choices are reflected in the individual properties listed in the Experimental and Predicted Data section of the Navigation Tree.

No Plotting is Possible: The table includes multiple data types, so no plotting is possible.