The Table Form

Purpose: Reviewing and Editing of Numerical Data.

Available actions are: Sort the Data , View Bibliographic Sources, Select a subset of the data , Plot the data, and Add Data .

Special Displays for Mixtures: Table entries highlighted in blue represent properties associated with PTxy-type vapor-liquid equilibrium data or liquid-liquid mutual solubilities. See also the LLE and VLE Data Summary Tables.

General descriptions of uncertainties within the tables are provided here: Uncertainties in Tables & Plots.

At times, experimental data are reported in original sources in the form of equations only or as tables generated from fitted equations. Such values are not primary experimental data and are indicated as 'Smooth' in TDE. There are two types of such experimental data; values calculated at NIST with equations provided by authors (indicated with a "C"), and smoothed values provided in tabular form by the authors (indicated with the letter "S").

The 'Reject' column is used to indicate data that were rejected by the ThermoData Engine software during the critical evaluation process or by the program user prior to evaluation. Entries in this column are Invalid Data, Out of Range, Large Deviation, Flawed, and By User. Details of identification of Invalid Data , Large Deviations, and Out of Range by the software are described in article TDE-1 in the Reference List. Flawed data are pre-rejected within TDE and are not used in the data analysis.