VLE Thermodynamic Consistency: Infinite Dilution Test background

Test 4: Infinite Dilution Test. This is a test for consistency in the limiting behavior of GE/(x1x2/RT) and the activity coefficients γ1 and γ2. The percent deviations in both limits are calculated:



The criteria proposed by Kojima and coworkers19,22 are used in TDE. If I1 < 30 and I2 < 30, the data set passes the test; otherwise it fails. For the regression of GE/(x1x2/RT), and the activity coefficients γ1 and γ2, the Pade approximation is used (the mathematical form is shown with the description of the Point Test description.The quality factor for the Infinite Dilution Test is calculated with I1 and I2:

Ftest4 = 60/(I1 + I2), with limits 30 ≤ I1, I2 ≤ 300.

Infinite Dilution Test Results: Output screen details