Cryogenic Material Properties Calculators

This page provides a few calculator tools for richer inspection of the data contained in the Cryogenic Material Property Database. Please use the buttons below to explore the various capabilities:

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Property Comparator


The following calculator will compute (from the material property database) the specified cryogenic property at a given temperature. The first few options in the dropdown menu (All Materials) will show the value of the specified property at that temperature for every material in the Cryogenic Material Property database for comparison purposes.

Please be sure to enter a temperature value only within the specified range for each material and property combination. Values calculated outside the range will be inaccurate, as the data cannot be reliably extrapolated.


Please select the material(s) and property of interest from the dropdown menu and enter the desired temperature (in K, within the specified range) to query:

Material / Property:
Number of decimal places:
Result: ...

Property abbreviations:

Abbreviation Quantity Units
TC Thermal Conductivity W/m-K
SH Specific Heat J/kg-K
LE Linear Expansion 10-5 m/m
YM Young's Modulus GPa
EC Expansion Coefficient 10-6/K