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Speeds of sound for (CH4 + He) mixtures from p = (0.5 to 20) MPa at T = (273.16 to 375) K

Lozano-Martin, Daniel, Rojo, Andres, Martin, M. Carmen, Vega-Maza, David, Segovia, Jose Juan
J. Chem. Thermodyn. 2019, 139, 105869
This work aims to provide accurate and wide-ranging experimental new speed of sound data w(p,T) of two binary (CH4 + He) mixtures at a nominal helium content of 5% and 10% at pressures p = (0.5 up to 20) MPa and temperatures T = (273.16, 300, 325, 350 and 375) K. For this purpose, the most accurate technique for determining speed of sound in gas phase has been used: the spherical acoustic resonator. Speed of sound is determined with an overall relative expanded (k = 2) uncertainty of 230 parts in 106 and compared to reference models for multicomponent natural gas-like mixtures: AGA8-DC92 and GERG-2008 equations of state. Relative deviations of experimental data from model estimations are outside the experimental uncertainty limit, although all points are mostly within the AGA uncertainty of 0.2% and GERG uncertainty of 0.5% and worsen as the helium content increases. Absolute average deviations are better than 0.45% for GERG and below 0.14% for AGA models in (0.95 CH4 + 0.05 He) mixture and below 0.83% for GERG and within 0.22% for AGA equations in (0.90 CH4 + 0.10 He) mixture.
# Formula Name
1 CH4 methane
2 He helium
The table above is generated from the ThermoML associated json file (link above). POMD and RXND refer to PureOrMixture and Reaction Datasets. The compound numbers are included in properties, variables, and phases, if specificied; the numbers refer to the table of compounds on the left.
Type Compound-# Property Variable Constraint Phase Method #Points
  • POMD
  • 1
  • 2
  • Speed of sound, m/s ; Gas
  • Mole fraction - 1; Gas
  • Temperature, K; Gas
  • Pressure, kPa; Gas
  • Frequency, MHz; Gas
  • Gas
  • Spherical resonator
  • 223