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Thermodynamic Properties of Matrine in Ethanol

Li, Z. X., Zhao, W. W., Pu, X. H.
Int. J. Thermophys. 2011, 32, 6, 1202-1209
In this paper, the enthalpies of dissolution of matrine in ethanol (EtOH) were measured using a RD496-2000 Calvet microcalorimeter at 309.65 K under atmospheric pressure. The differential enthalpy (?dif H m) and molar enthalpy (?sol H m) of dissolution of matrine in ethanol were determined. And the relationship between heat and the amount of solute was also established. Based on the thermodynamic and kinetic knowledge, the corresponding kinetic equation that described the dissolution process was determined to be dtd=23610-4(1-)109 . Moreover, the half-life, t 1/2 = 48.89 min, ?sol H m = -12.40 kJ * mol-1, ?sol S m = -354.7 J * mol-1 * K-1, and ? sol G m = 97.43 kJ * mol-1 of the dissolution process were also obtained. The results show that this work not only provides a simple method for the determination of the half-life for a drug but also offers a theoretical reference for the clinical application of matrine.
# Formula Name
1 C15H24N2O matridin-15-one
2 C2H6O ethanol
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Type Compound-# Property Variable Constraint Phase Method #Points
  • POMD
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  • 1
  • Molar enthalpy of solution, kJ/mol ; Liquid
  • Mole fraction - 1; Liquid
  • Temperature, K; Liquid
  • Pressure, kPa; Liquid
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  • Calvet calorimetry
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