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Viscosity of Molten Sodium Nitrate

Nunes, V. M. B., Lourenco, M. J. V., Santos, F. J. V., Nieto de Castro, C. A.
Int. J. Thermophys. 2006, 27, 6, 1638-1649
New experimental data for the viscosity of molten sodium nitrate from its melting point up to 752 K, at atmospheric pressure, with an estimated uncertainty of 2.1%, were measured with an oscillating cup viscometer. A preliminary reference correlation and reference data are proposed, based on the best available data for the viscosity of molten sodium nitrate, for temperatures between 590 and 750 K, with an estimated absolute uncertainty of 0.066 mPa*s (k = 2).
# Formula Name
1 NNaO3 sodium nitrate
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Type Compound-# Property Variable Constraint Phase Method #Points
  • POMD
  • 1
  • Viscosity, Pa*s ; Liquid
  • Temperature, K; Liquid
  • Pressure, kPa; Liquid
  • Liquid
  • Oscillating Cup
  • 14