Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) Data Sets and Consistency Tests

Purposes & Features:

Summarize VLE Data Sets in one table: VLE data are reported in a variety of forms ( PTxy, PTx, Txy). Within these groups, data are commonly measured at selected isobars, isotherms, or isopleths, and these subgroups are termed Data Sets.

Apply Thermodynamic Consistency Tests: Thermodynamic consistency tests are applied by TDE to PTxy-type VLE data. At present, the Herington, Van Ness, Point , and Infinite Dilution tests are applied, where possible. (See the link below for Consistency Test details.) TDE uses the results of these tests to calculate an overall Quality Factor that is used to weight the Data Sets in subsequent model fitting. This node of the Navigation Tree provides the user with access to the detailed results of these tests. The user may possibly use this information to reject particular Data Sets from consideration by TDE. (See Data Evaluation for Binaries for complete details of the evaluation process.)

Data Set Summaries: DETAILS

Access to Consistency Test Results: DETAILS