Steps in the Material-Stream Property Evaluation Process

Click here for a list of properties that may be evaluated: Properties

Note: It may not be possible to evaluate all properties for some chemical systems. Evaluation of properties for material streams by TDE is done based on the properties of the individual stream components and their binary mixtures.

SELECT Stream Components

Once components are selected, all pure-component and binary experimental data are loaded into the TDE Navigation Tree. You may now...

Note 1: Material Stream properties can be calculated, only after an Activity Coefficient Model (with a Gas Phase Model) has been applied.
Note 2: The quality of results obtained in fitting Activity Coefficient Models are sensitive to many factors and can require user involvement for optimization: Model Fitting Procedures (optional)

APPLY/FIT an Activity Coefficient Model to all Binary Sub-Systems

After successful application of an Activity Coefficient Model to the binary mixtures, the next steps are...

ADD Composition: Enter an overall composition for the stream

ADD Property Calculation: Select/Enter calculation parameters

Explore the calculation results

SAVE: Calculation results and all model parameters