Twu Peng-Robinson Equation of State (with Volume Translation): DETAILS

Name TDE.Twu-Peng-Robinson. EOS
CommentPR-EOS with Twu alpha function and constant-term volume translation
Variable VDNDensity
Variable TTemperature
Variable PPressure
Intermediate VMolar volume
Intermediate ZCompressibility factor
Parameter TCCritical temperature
Parameter PCCritical pressure
Parameter AFAcentric factor
Parameter L
Parameter M
Parameter N
Parameter VTVolume translation

Z = p×V/(R×T) Z = V/(V - b) - {a×α(T)×V}/{(R×T)×(V2 + 2×b×V - b2)}

a = (0.45724×(R×Tc)2)/pc

b = (0.0778×R×Tc)/pc

α(T) = TrN(M - 1)×exp{L(1 - TrN×M)}

Tr = T/Tc Physical molar volume is obtained from the Peng-Robinson volume by adding VT.