The MOLECULAR FORMULA must be entered with correct use of lower and upper case, e.g.: CBrN or CBRn, and not cbrn.
Brackets are allowed in the molecular formula. For example: CH2(CH(CH3)2)2. The formula is converted to the database form automatically.

SUB-FORMULAS are allowed, like C5H*, but be careful! They must exactly match fragments of formulas built in accordance with the database rules: atom ordering C(arbon)-H(ydrogen)-D(euterium)-T(ritium)-followed by other elements alphabetically, if C is present. Atom ordering for molecules not containing carbon is Ac to Ge, then H-D-T, followed by other elements, again alphabetically.

NAMES are entered as plain text. (e.g., 1-methylnaphthalene)
Important Note: Though many synonyms are included, not all common names are included for each compound.
A sub-name search can be effective in this case.

SUB-NAME searches can be done with the * symbol substituting for any fragments (e.g., cyclo*ol *ate).