An XML-Based IUPAC Standard for Storage and Exchange of Experimental Thermophysical and Thermochemical Property Data

ThermoML RSS Feeds

Below you will find a list of NIST TRC ThermoML RSS feeds presented by journal. You can subscribe to these RSS feeds using:

Once you choose an RSS reader and install it, follow the instructions provided with the RSS Reader to add one or more of the feeds listed above (generally as simple as clicking on the orange "XML" button next to the desired feed). The news reader then will continually pull the latest headlines from the NIST RSS feed(s) you selected.

rss icon Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
rss icon The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics
rss icon Fluid Phase Equilibria
rss icon Thermochimica Acta
rss icon International Journal of Thermophysics

Compressed archive of all ThermoML files for the specific journals for those ThermoML files no longer in the RSS feed:

Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data (JCED.tgz)
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics (JCT.tgz)
Fluid Phase Equilibria (FPE.tgz)
Thermochimica Acta (TCA.tgz)
International Journal of Thermophysics (IJT.tgz)

(Other journals may be listed here as agreements are made in the future.)