If you have a previous version of GDC, UNINSTALL the program first through START-SETTINGS-CONTROL PANEL-Add/Remove PROGRAMS.


Once you have downloaded the "GDC-Install.exe" file, run it (double click on it)and UNPACK the installation files to a folder you SELECT on your hard drive. Then run "Setup.exe", which is located in the folder you SELECTED for unpacking.

If you have a folder containing installation files including "Setup.exe," simply run Setup.exe.

Launch GDC.exe through the menus on your main screen (Windows START-PROGRAMS-GDC) or by running "C:\Program Files\GDC"


Possible installation PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS

PROBLEM 1: Message "Error creating process..." occurs. Installation is aborted.

SOLUTION: If you have Windows 2000, be sure that you have administrator privileges on the computer. If you have them or use another operating system, create a folder, e.g., c:\temp\gdcinstall. Copy all installation files there. Unpack "" in place using WinZip or another file compression utility. Run "Setup.exe".

PROBLEM 2: Message "Error of installing..." or "Error of registering..." occurs.

SOLUTION: Click "Ignore".

PROBLEM 3: Installation asks to re-boot the computer.

SOLUTION: Do NOT re-boot. Disable the "bootstrap" files in the SETUP.LST file by editing it, and locking the necessary lines by putting a ";" character at the beginning. Try to find a successful combination of enabled and disabled files. Contact information is given below, in case you continue to have problems.

PROBLEM 4: Installation process suddenly terminates and removes already installed components.

SOLUTION: Run "Setup.exe" once again.

PROBLEM 5: The program was installed, but does not work and reports absence of a file (e.g., VB5DB.DLL).

SOLUTION: Open GDC.CAB with WinZip or other file compression utility, and copy the needed file (e.g., VB5DB.DLL) to the System folder of your computer (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, or C:\WINNT\SYSTEN or C:\WINNT\SYSTEN32)

PROBLEM 6: The program cannot locate the Help file.

SOLUTION: Answer "Yes" to the prompt and locate it manually. The Help file GDC.HLP must be in the program directory (usually, C:\Program Files\GDC)


If you cannot install the program, or the program does not work properly,

CONTACT Vladimir Diky at: <>